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West Hollywood Travel Guide

While I spend most of the year (over 300 days to be exact) traveling and sharing my journey with you all, I wanted to take some time to detail my favorite things about where I live – Los Angeles. LA is without a doubt one of the most exciting cities to live in. The blend of the entertainment industry with the rising tech scene has reignited Los Angeles’s culture, and created a booming scene of unique restaurants, art galleries, and places for going out after a long work week.

There are so many incredible neighborhoods in Los Angeles, but I wanted to first share a guide with you to one of my favorite neighborhoods: West Hollywood. From the retail supremacy of Melrose Place to the unparalleled nightlife of Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood boasts some of the most fun and exciting things to do and places to eat in LA.



LA is known for its commitment to clean eating and vegan cuisine, but also for some of the best grab-and-go smoothies. Here are some of the top places to eat in West Hollywood:  




I love going to this place for a quick, healthy lunch. M Cafe has an extensive selection of macrobiotic meals, which means that their options are made from natural, whole foods that have balanced portions of carbs, fats, and protein. You can expect dishes like delicious salmon salads over a bed of brown rice, and macro bowls loaded with nutritious veggies.

Earth Bar

Earth Bar is an excellent little spot to grab a healthy smoothie on the go, or pick up a quick vegan or paleo meal. My favorite smoothie is the Flax Master. It’s filled with so many antioxidants and nutrients like flax oil, acai, tocotrienols, and e3 live. It’s the perfect thing to pick up after a workout, or if you don’t have time to sit down for lunch. Plus, they have so many vitamins and supplements to choose from, and everyone who works there is very knowledgeable and happy to help you pick out supplements if you’re looking to up your wellness game.

Gracias Madre

Gracias Madre is the place for vegan Mexican cuisine. It’s also the perfect restaurant if you want to sit under elegant olive trees while you eat their homemade (and unmatched) corn tortillas and guacamole. There are countless signature cocktails to choose from while you pore over the menu, but Gracias Madre is known for its fresh and exotic margaritas. Also, their plant-based take on Mexican food classics are good enough to even fool a meat lover.


The Hart and the Hunter

The secret is finally out… this is the infamous breakfast spots that you always see on my Instagram. This is my favorite restaurant in West Hollywood so I tried to keep it a secret for the longest time. I love everything about this place – from the food to the coffee to the interior. I highly recommend the avocado toast and the smoked trout.

Erewhon Market

Erewhon is a healthy grocery store in L.A. and it’s where I get all my healthy snacks. They also have a hot food bar, a smoothie station, a salad bar, and a sushi bar. I go to Erewhon if I am just looking for a casual lunch, which usually consists of a sushi roll, a small salad, and of course some snacks.



Coffee shops are the perfect place to catch up with a friend or to bring your laptop and have some productive alone time. Whether you’re rushing to grab a cup of coffee before work, or if you just need a break in the middle of the day, West Hollywood has some of the best coffee shops around – plus some of the best avocado toast, too!


BlueStone Lane

Bluestone Lane is my to-go for any coffee dates/meetings primarily because the interior is super cute. They have great coffee, healthy food bowls, pressed juices… so even if you are not a big coffee fan, there’s something for you on the menu. I recommend their Kale Salad and Beet Latte.

Paramount Coffee Project

This is the coffee spot I go to if I am in a hurry and just need a quick caffeine fix. They are fast and their coffee tastes great – just exactly what I need in the morning before I head to the office.


Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee is the best place to grab avocado toast and an oat milk latte if you’re rushing to get breakfast in before work. Or, if you feel like having a more relaxing morning, you can take the time to sit for a while and enjoy their decadent almond butter and quince jam toast. 


Verve Coffee Roasters

There’re a couple of different Verve locations, but one of the best ones is on Melrose. It’s a great place to bring your laptop and do work for a while, and also a great place to meet new people. Because of its location in one of LA’s trendiest neighborhoods, it’s perfect for people watching. Plus, their avocado toast is absolutely insane. They get me when it comes to my “the more avocado, the better” motto.


Work Out

Being overly health conscious is definitely an LA stereotype, but West Hollywood does not disappoint in this department. There are so many cool and fun workouts in West Hollywood; it was hard to narrow them down to just a few!


For all of the strong women looking for a challenge, this is your workout! CruBox guarantees you’ll be sweating in one of the most fun workout classes out there. They turn the lights off to really get you in the zone, and blast energizing music. Plus, the group setting and motivating instructors ensure that you’ll get a great sweat, and be motivated to tackle whatever is next on your schedule! 


Runyon Canyon

Runyon Canyon is one of the most famous hikes in L.A., and for good reason. This hike goes all the way up to the Hollywood sign, and it’s such a fun workout to do with a group of friends. However, it’s not your average hike: Runyon is very challenging. It’s about 45 minutes of an uphill trek, so be prepared with sunscreen and water! It’s definitely a great workout, and a great way to spend time outdoors and have some fun.


Hot Pilates

Hot Pilates is a challenging pilates workout in a room heated to 95 degrees. The philosophy behind this method is that working out in a heated room helps you burn more fat, ramp up your glucose metabolism, and sweat out more toxins. Plus, it’s a great spot to meet new friends because this workout definitely has a strong sense of community. It’s a very challenging workout, but the results are unmatched.



In LA, shopping is almost synonymous with Melrose. From iconic storefronts like Fred Segal, to new fan favorites like Glossier, West Hollywood has some of the best shopping in Los Angeles.


Melrose Trading Post

If I happen to be in L.A. on a Sunday, I’d usually check out the Melrose Trading Post. It’s a flea market that happens every Sunday from 9 am – 5 pm. They sell all kinds of things – new clothes, vintage clothes, furniture, jewelry… I always find something new every time I go.



Reformation is the West Hollywood cool girl staple. Everything at Reformation is made in an environmentally friendly and ethically responsible way, and they even used sustainable building materials when building the store. Plus, their dressing room experience is super high tech and fun. It feels like you have access to Cher’s closet in Clueless, and everything you pick on the touch screen in your dressing room seems to magically appear for you to try on moments later. Make sure to get there early on the weekends though, because you can end up waiting over an hour to try something on if you get there too late in the day. 


The RealReal

The RealReal brick and mortar store is finally in Los Angeles! The RealReal is a consignment company that allows you to buy designer items at only a fraction of the price. Plus, you can also sell your wardrobe pieces to them that you’re just not that into anymore. At their brick and mortar store, you can drop off consignment pieces you’re selling, shop some great affordable high-end pieces, and even work with a personal shopper to find looks that are perfect for you.

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